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Winter Meetings: Day 1 wrap-up

Hey, guess what! Kenny Williams and the White Sox didn't really do much, other than laying down the base for a killer tan, during day 1 of the GM meetings in Dallas. While the defending World Series champs didn't have much on their docket, the rest of the baseball world was rather busy.
  • Ken Rosenthal reports that the Indians are putting the finishing touches on an offer to Trevor Hoffman.
    The Indians met Monday morning with Rick Thurman, the representative for Trevor Hoffman, and appear ready to sign the free-agent closer to a three-year deal in the $21 million to $24 million range. Hoffman is expected to take a physical for the Indians on Tuesday
  • The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Bill Mueller has narrowed his choices to two teams, neither being the Sox or in the AL Central.
    According to the sources, Mueller has narrowed his teams to the Pirates and Los Angeles Dodgers. The Minnesota Twins also were in pursuit of him.
  • In a bit of schadenfreude, I have to point out that both the Yankees and Red Sox are attempting to sign Rick White. Yes, that Rick White.
  • The University of Illinois appears to have lost two important books (bound records really) that document the darkest chapter of this franchise. Conspiracy lovers, start your theories.
  • Finally, the better part of the rosters for this spring's World Baseball Classic were announced. Mark Buehrle will be a member of team USA, while Freddy Garcia will pitch for Venezuela. Japan's roster was not listed, but Tadahito Iguchi will almost assuredly be their starting second baseman. -- The real loser in all of this was Juan Uribe. He couldn't even make the bench for the Dominican Republic team, whose back-up shortstop appears to be Neifi Perez. Ouch.