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Hurt Feelings

We've all known for a while that Frank Thomas was done with the White Sox. I never really properly acknowledged it because, well, I was just holding out hope that it wasn't true. Even though I knew in my heart it was, I couldn't bring myself to write about the greatest right-handed hitter of my lifetime finally leaving the Sox.

Tonight, with Thomas firing shots at Sox management, I'm finally prepared to do so. I'll just let you read the quotes.

"That door is closed," Thomas said Tuesday morning as he left the Wyndham Anatole, headquarters for baseball's winter meetings. "[The White Sox] did what they had to do. I have much respect and love for the city and the fans, but I would have wanted my chapter to end a little bit differently than the way it ended. I think I deserve that. I was forced to move on."
"I'm just going to find the right situation and a winning situation," Thomas said in a confident tone. "That's important to me."
"I'm ready to go," Thomas said. "I didn't like the reports that said I was a risk. That's not the case. No one gave me a physical to check. To call me a risk, that's a problem."
"I told you guys during the playoffs that I'll be ready to go," Thomas said. "By the end of the playoffs, I was already healed."
"We'll see how things work out," Thomas said. "I don't know what's going to happen. But there are a lot of teams interested, and we'll see how it works out."
Kenny and Ozzie quotes after the jump
"I hope he is [healthy] and hope he's able to stay healthy," Williams said. "... Obviously, we're cognizant of his place in White Sox history. I can't say anymore than what I've said in regards to how I feel about his accomplishments."
"Hopefully he goes to the National League," Guillen said. "I think Frank still has something left. I hope he's healthy. ... I wish him the best."