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Welcome to South Side Sox

What do you do on an off day after two hard-to-swallow defeats at the House of Horrors? Change the Mojo. Start a new blog.

For those of you visiting from one of the other SportsBLOGS sites, allow me to introduce myself. My name is The Cheat; well not really, but that's what I go by on the interweb. I previously ran a White Sox blog with a rather unfortunate URL ( called Cheat's ChiSox Blog. You're going to see a lot of the same type of stuff I wrote at the old site end up here. There will be some Sabrmetrics (like Win Probability), but not an overwhelming amount. There with be game wrap-ups and notes. There will be some ranting about bunting, or the lack of bunting with a man on third. (I love the squeeze play.) Most of all, you'll find the opinions and observations of this very passionate Sox fan.

For those of you being redirected from my old site, I'd like you to know that this is your site too. This site runs on the Scoop platform that runs some of the most popular blogs on the web. (Daily Kos, Kuro5in, & Athletics Nation to name a few.) The best feature about these blogs is your ablitily to post "diaries." These diaries are your own blog-within-a-blog. I know I've been contacted by a few of people who wanted to start their own blog or just wanted to make one entry. Well diaries are your chance.

In addition to the diaries and the stuff you would normally see at my old blog, I'll be posting a game thread for each game and occasionally I'll post a discussion thread.

So create an account (chicks dig low user ID's), post a comment, or start a diary. This site isn't just my blog, it's yours too.

Note: I'll be updating my blogroll over the next couple of days. I'm still working out the kinks here. Those of you with White Sox blogs that I don't have linked at the old site, drop a comment in this post, and I'll be sure to ad it here.