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MSM Roundup 4/29/2005

With the move to the new blog I thought I'd start a new daily piece, a post that contained all the Mainstream Media articles on the Sox for that day.

ESPN 2 article:
Your White Sox are 16-6. How you feeling?

I know how you're feeling. You're sick.

Because you know it's all going to come crashing down. You know they sport a team on-base percentage about as low as the dusty underside of a sidewinder (forgive me, I was inhabited by the spirit of Dan Rather there for a second). And you realize, after Mark Buehrle (3.89 ERA/1.03 WHIP), their pitching staff just ain't anywhere near this good

Chicago Tribune:
Fewer draft picks will test Sox's scouts

The White Sox hope quality wins out over quantity as they prepare for the June 7-8 amateur draft.

Duane Shaffer, the Sox's senior director of player personnel, said the Sox don't have a second-round pick for the first time in 15 years.

That's a drastic change from last year, when they had two sandwich picks as well as three second-round selections to compensate for the loss of free agents.

Guillen's benchwarmers seldom grow cold
Ozzie Guillen has kept his word even back to his playing days, when he would sit on the bench for extended periods.

Guillen vowed he would keep all his players sharp if he ever became a big-league manager.

His liberal use of the White Sox's bench has contributed heavily to the team's 16-6 start, especially during its recent eight-game winning streak.

'Win or Die Trying' casts Sox in new light
Rowand was one of a handful of Sox--including Mark Buehrle, Shingo Takatsu, Paul Konerko and Scott Podsednik--who spent their off day at the ballpark filming new television spots for the team's promotional campaign, "Win or Die Trying."

The ads are a departure for the Sox, who in recent years have relied mostly on game footage for their TV ads.

Hot? The Sox were Smoking -- Lists some of the Sox best winning streaks in team history.

Sun Times:
The charm's in the arms for Sox
Starting pitching, relief pitching, it doesn't matter. The Sox are getting it done with their arms, and even in the most recent defeat Wednesday at Oakland, they got one of their better starts of the season from Freddy Garcia.

Sox starting pitchers are 11-3 with a 2.90 ERA in 1452/3 innings. For comparison, that's like a starter carrying a sub-3.00 ERA into mid-August.

It's heady stuff from the Sox' staff -- Cy Young stuff.

They're Sox stars -- and they'll play them on TV -- Same as Trib article. Sox film commercials.

Spate of minor injuries hits homestanding Sox
Perhaps it is just a freak coincidence, but as soon as the Sox jumped out to the best record in baseball, a mark they reached on the road last week, the injuries started to mount.

On the pitching side, tonight's starter, Jose Contreras, has a sore right hamstring that has been bothering him since spring training. Reliever Dustin Hermanson has been dealing with tightness in his back for a week, a problem trainer Herm Schneider said has been chronic throughout the right-hander's career.

Cell tickets moving at faster clip
The best record in baseball at 16-6 is doing the trick at the turnstile, and Saturday's fireworks night and Motown tribute will help to the tune of an estimated crowd of at least 30,000. It is the Sox' first fireworks night of the season.

Daily Herald:
For Sox, it's really a 'team'
Guillen was extremely upset with Wednesday's outcome, mainly because of some questionable umpiring in the series. But he was beaming over the selfless play of his team, especially the bench.

"The only way you find out is by giving them the at-bats I give them," Guillen said. "I do it to keep them going, and they make me look good. Every time I put someone in the lineup, they go out there and do the job."

Daily Southtown:
The amazing ryhthm ace
How has a once-little-thought-of left-hander -- who was picked in the 38th round of the 1998 draft -- become one of the standout hurlers in the American League?

There's no 100-mph fastball, no gimmick delivery, no flash.

That's it. There is no secret. There are only results.

Last word? Never for Ozzie
Whether they've been understood or misunderstood, Guillen's comments have been in the headlines on a regular basis, at times even overshadowing the stellar play of his team.

So perhaps it's time for Guillen to tone it down a bit?

Not a chance.

Did I miss anything? Link stories that may have escaped my view in the comments.