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Lopez up, Gload to DL

Here's what I had to say last night about Gload's absence from the line-up recently.

If you're Ross Gload, how bad do you feel right now? The Sox are beat to hell. There are more healthy bodies to be found at the local morgue than on the White Sox bench, and you're still not playing. The last three games Ozzie has had to use his entire bench, yet Gload has been conspicuously absent. I do recall Rooney & Farmer saying that he was "a little dinged up" the other day, but at this point you'd have to be missing more than one limb to have not played in the last three games.
Well, he may not be missing a limb, but he appears to be the sacrificial lamb. From transactions page:
Recalled infielder Pedro Lopez from Triple-A Charlotte.

Placed 1B Ross Gload on the 15-day disabled list (retroactive to April 25) with left shoulder inflammation
Expect Pedro Lopez to get the start at short tonight and bat ninth. He's not going to do anything with the bat, but many in the White Sox organization are very high on his glove. His bat, however, is a serious project. He's currently batting just .179/.214/.239 in the bandbox at AAA Charlotte. I would link to his past minor league stats, but BaseballCube appears to be down. You're not missing anything. Lopez's bat alone will never be enough to make him stick at the major league level. His ceiling appears to be a no-hit, all glove, short stop.

Update [2005-4-30 23:7:29 by The Cheat]:Baseball Cube is up now. Here's a link to Lopez's out-tastic statistics. 90 at-bats above A-ball. That will cure our offensive woes.