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Pick your poison

Back in the off season, the Sox were in need of a new corner outfielder due to the departure of Maggs. There were a variety of high priced options out there, Ordonez, Drew, and Beltran to name a few. The Sox made no attempt to sign these guys, as their price tags would have left other holes unfilled.

The Sox instead focused on the second tier of corner outfield options. It was a thin group that included just Richard Hidalgo and, eventual Sox, Jermaine Dye. 30 plus games into the season, neither is proving to be worth much of anything.

AVG OBP SLG EqA VORP Beltran .313 .367 .515 .300 13.2 Drew .273 .408 .475 .314 9.3 Ordonez .000 .091 .000 .000 -2.4 Dye .202 .239 .394 .214 -3.9 Hidalgo .163 .234 .306 .186 -6.5

As you can see, 3 of the 5 players who have been producing at below replacement level. Replacement level is defined as the expected output from a league minimum salaried, easily replaceable, AAAA player. Obviously this is a small sample size. I just thought it was interesting.