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Sox vs. Orioles 5/12/05

The two best teams in baseball, according to their W-L records at least. If you're not excited about this one, you don't like baseball.

Brian Roberts, 2B Scott Podsednik, LF David Newhan, DH Tadahito Iguchi, 2B Melvin Mora, 3B Aaron Rowand, CF Miguel Tejada, SS Paul Konerko, 1B Rafael Palmeiro, 1B Jermaine Dye, RF Javy Lopez, C A.J. Pierzynski, C B.J. Surhoff, LF Joe Crede, 3B Jay Gibbons, RF Pablo Ozuna, DH Larry Bigbie, CF Juan Uribe, SS

Garland is going to have to be on his game tonight. Bruce Chen reportedly has added a change-up to his arsenal that has led to his resurgence. Carl Everett is getting his second day off in a row. He was sidelined yesterday due to a tight hammy. I hope it's nothing serious. We're going to need all the offense we can get against the O's, and I don't think Pablo Ozuna is the anwer.