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Sox vs. Orioles 5/14/05

Sox are on the Superstation for you out-of-town fans.

Willie Harris is at DH again. He's a monster. Baltimore has been missing it's entire starting outfield of Bigbie, Matos, & Sosa since early in the first game.

Daniel Cabrera is coming off of two dominant outings. He's allowed just 7 hits against 19 strikeouts in his last 16 innings pitched. You'll remember Cabrera from his major league debut, when the Sox also debuted Felix Diaz. (I guess I was wrong, Diaz debuted vs. the O's and Erik Bedard.)

Freddy Garcia is on the hill for the White Sox. He was one of the best starters in the AL last year, and is among the league leaders again this season. I'd like to see him throw more pitches for strikes, though.

I like Star Wars, and I love my dog. I will not, however, dress up my Dog like Princess Leia as Jaba's slave. The audiance for this product seems pretty limitted to me. There's a cross section of society who enjoys dressing up their pets, and there's another cross section who enjoys collecting Star Wars related items. I wouldn't think there would be enough of an overlap to make any money there. I guess I was wrong.