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3 Up, 3 Down

I thought I'd try to start something of a weekly feature here. Sort of a power rankings of Sox players. I'll list three who are going well, and three who aren't.

I know it's kind of a fluff piece that you'd see from a mainstream media outlet that's completely run out of ideas. I assure you I'm not out of ideas. I'm just looking for something simple to write during the weekend, when it's nice, and I really don't feel like being inside by a computer.

Future 3 Up, 3 Downs will only reflect the play from the previous week. This one, however, encompasses the full season to date.

3 Up
  1. Jon Garland:
    Key stats: 7-0 record, 8 BBs in 52.2IP
    Simply put, Garland has been a completely different pitcher this season. He is not afraid to attack the zone and is reaping the benefits.
  2. Dustin Hermanson:
    Key stat: 0 ER.
    When Kenny Williams signed Hermanson this past off season, I really thought that it was a waste of money unless he ended up in the rotation. I'm happy to admit that I was wrong.
  3. Scott Podsednik:
    Key stat: 21 BB
    When Podsednik was signed, I said that he had to post about a .350 OBP to be effective. Currently he clocks in at 41 ticks better than that mark. Last season he was supposedly trying to hit for power. I wrote that off as an excuse, but it appears to be the truth. He's on pace to walk about 100 times, and strikeout under 50, all while not hitting for any power. If that's what it takes for him to get on base at a near .400 clip, then I'm all for it.

3 Down

3. Shingo Takatsu:
Key stat: 1.74 WHIP
After baffling the American League with his unorthodox style and variety of pitches last season, Shingo seems to have lost the magic this year. He has given up 5 HRs in just 10 IP, compared to 6 all of last year in over 60 IP. His main problem has been his control. When he's not pounding the zone, he's ineffective.
2. Jermaine Dye:
Key Stat: .248 OBP
I don't know what to say about Jermaine. It's pretty tough to be worse than the grab bag of right fielders we ran out there last season, but he's doing his best to accomplish just that.
1. Paul Konerko
Key Stat: .198 AVG
Unlike Jermaine, Paul has actually been somewhat productive despite him leading the "3 Down" rankings. Some how he's been able to get on base without actually hitting the ball. He's also been able to hit the ball out of the ballpark, though it's been over a week without a HR. He's doing his best Rob Deer impression.