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White Sox Streak Snapped

White Hot Sox snap streak at 37 games

It had to come to an end sometime. There was no way that the Sox could continue to have the lead at some point in every game for the entire season. I'm just surprised that it didn't happen in a blowout. This was the closest they've come to being blown out, down 5 with 9 outs left, and that was hardly out of reach.

There are 4 other teams who've reached at lest the 37 game plateau for a similar streak. Here is how they fared during the regular and post-seasons.

Team Year Streak Wins Post. NYY 1998 48 114 WS Champs NYY 1932 40 102 WS Champs NYY 1934 37 94 2nd in AL STL 1942 37 106 WS Champs CHW 2005 37 ??? ?????

Interestingly, there were two other long streaks in 1942 by the Yankees and Red Sox, who finished 1-2 in the AL. The talent pool was slightly dilluted that season due to a little thing known as World War II. The Yankees, Red Sox, and Cardinals all had star players who were allowed to defer entry in the services until following the '42 season.

Dating back to last season, the Sox have held a lead in 43 straight games, making it the second longest such streak in baseball history. I'm sure there will be some more tidbits that come to light surrounding the streak in the coming days. I'll be sure to keep you updated as soon as I run across them.