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Quick Weekend Notes

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  • Freddy Garcia looked like he might be in the middle of a "dead arm" period on Saturday. After being unimpressive in his last two outings, he should be watched very closely in his next outing.

  • Normally I wouldn't be too worried about something like that, but Sunday, insurance policy Brandon McCarthy got knocked around for the second straight start also. He just wasn't himself, striking out only 4 while walking two. The most troubling thing, however, is his homers allowed. He's now allowed 9 HRs in under 50IP. He's going to have even more trouble avoiding the longball in the show if he's going to pound the zone and leave a few hangers every once in a while.

  • I've got to question Ozzie's bullpen usage this weekend. He seemed to manage those final two games like he didn't want to win.

    You all know what I mean. You know who's going to let a lead slip away, or let the other team run away and hide. Ozzie seemed to go to those guys first in close, winnable games. The results were predictable. The offense tried it's best to keep up but just couldn't muster enough runs.

  • I should acknowledge the streak that the White Sox just had snapped. I was being superstitious, and not mentioning it for fear that as soon as I did, the streak would be snapped. Expect a post about The Streak in the near future

  • I thought Jose Contreras looked pretty good until the 7th inning Sunday. He did give up two homeruns to the counterparts of Chris Widger and Timo Perez, but it was the 7th inning that killed him.

  • I'm glad that Melvin Mora's leaving town. He was embodied by the spirit of Brooks Robinson this series.

  • I'm freakin ecstatic that Brian Roberts is leaving town. That guy kills us.

  • I recalled Erik Bedard being more of a power pitcher, but he reminded me more of Jamie Moyer or Kenny Rogers than Sandy Koufax on Sunday. Thankfully we miss Rogers in the upcoming series against Texas. I don't know why our team has such a problem with lefties who paint the outside corner. It's frustrating to watch.

  • I'd like to take this opportunity to announce that I, too, am declaring for the NBA Draft. I once hit 13 straight 3-pointers in a co-ed intramural game back in college. It should be noted that the 3-point line was not regulation, rather one of those that you'd find at an elementry school gym where the rims are 8 ft. high. I also was able to dunk for a period of six months, from spring break my senior year of high school until sometime during my freshmen year of college when I tore my hamstring. More recently my basketball activities have been limitted to hustling the drunks playing pop-a-shot down at Dave & Busters.