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Frank Thomas in Charlotte

Right now he's 2-3, BB, 2B, 2R.

That #41 looks strange. Heck, the green looks strange. He hasn't worn anything but White Sox or All-Star jerseys since he came up. It's his first ever trip to an AAA stadium as a player.

He looks like he's a bit of pain in that first picture. He's said that right now he'd rate the pain at about a 6 or 7, which is much better than the 10+ he was rating it just a few weeks ago. He won't play any first base at all this season.

Update [2005-5-18 2:46:49 by The Cheat]: Jon Garland is good, but I am tired. I'll have something up before the game tomorrow. I'll start a pick to Click diary rifht now. Remember it's a day game tomorrow. We've got to travel a whole 8 miles north, and we've only got 2 days to get there.