Big Frank Watch

Hey there, I thought that today might be a good time to start keeping track of how Frank Thomas is doing down in Charlotte.  I think by now everyone knows that he went 2-for-3 Tuesday which was a good start (although from reports he was running like a gimp).

Wednesday night he was a less impressive 1-for-5 with a single and two strikeouts.  It is expected that he will go through a game or two where he just doesn't seem to be clicking but then again he hasn't had the benefit of a spring training or any other playing time prior to this week.

As for the worries about Thomas being a cancer to his teammates the Chicago Tribune says:
"Befitting a superstar, Thomas treated his teammates to a postgame locker-room spread of chicken, lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, Caesar salad and cheesecake."

I'll try and get something up after every one of Big Frank's games to try and keep track of what/how he is doing.

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