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Deja Vu

Jon Garland was at it again on Sunday afternoon, backing up Monday's 4-hit complete game shutout with another 4-hit complete game shutout. Garland currently leads the AL in ERA and Wins.

In the game thread post yesterday, I said that Garland would need to be perfect because the offense we were running out there looked pretty pathetic. I specifically called out Podsednik, Everett, Perez, and Lopez.

  • Podsednik -- 1-4, BB, R
  • Everett -- 1-4, 3RBI
  • Perez -- 2-3, HR, 3RBI
  • Lopez -- 1-4, RBI
I'm going to keep calling out poor match-ups, and line-up choices. I'm always happy when I'm wrong.

* * * * *

This is part where I'm supposed to fawn over Jon Garland and proclaim him a changed pitcher, but I've got to be honest, he didn't look that great today. The results, however, tell a different story.

He was very good early on in the game. He was getting ahead in the count, and getting lots of weak ground outs. Once he was spotted a sizable lead, however, he seemed to be getting way too many pitches up in the zone. He escaped without any damage not because he was pitching great, but because Detroit was playing like a team defeated with a plane to catch.

**More below the fold**
Update [2005-5-2 15:36:56 by The Cheat]:Fixed DJ's HR call link

I want to praise Timo Perez for his "headsy" bases loaded bunt in the 3rd inning yesterday, but I know I would have ripped him had he been unsuccessful. I guess he knew the numbers (.149/.191/.195 vs. LHP) and figured it was the best chance he had to drive in a run.

* * * * *

The Sox had scored 4 runs yesterday without ever really hitting the ball hard. Rowand scored on a sac fly, Timo had the aforementioned bases loaded bunt, and Jurassic drove in two with a cue shot that only got by the first baseman because they were playing him to pull the ball to left. Sometimes things are just going your way.

* * * * *

In the third, Konerko was drilled by a Ledezma fastball. Crede and Rowand had also been hit earlier in the series, though they were more responsible for getting hit than was the opposing pitcher. Garland took the mound and quickly got two outs. He then let one fly a few feet behind Rondell White. Rondell thought about charging the mound, and both benches cleared, but nothing really happened. White then proceeded to step back in the box and swing out of his shoes at a 55 foot curveball. He eventually flew out to center, and went 0-4 on the day. After the game, Rondell expressed his displeasure.
"If someone's trying to hit me, I'm going to react that way every time," White said. "He's lucky he didn't hit me. It got me out of my game, I wanted to hit the ball 700 feet. It's over with. The next time we play, it just adds fuel to the fire."
Garland was his usual cool self.
"No guy ever likes that," Garland said. "I wouldn't have liked it if I was at the plate. Nothing against him. Nothing against the team."
It was nice to finally see a Sox pitcher stand up for his teammates for once.

* * * * *

The Sox open a 3-game set with the Royals at USCF on Tuesday. It's going to be important to stomp on the Royals this season. The Sox had trouble beating the 119-loss 2003 Detroit team, so I hope they don't take anyone for granted.

* * * * *

Finally, ammunition for the Hawk and DJ haters. I'm not a big fan of either, though I accept Hawk as the voice of the White Sox.

Hawk has gotten in the habit of leaving the booth for extended periods of time. This is nothing new, but before it always seemed like they had an interview planned for DJ. Now Hawk appears to be taking multiple breaks during the games, and DJ is left alone to do play-by-play by himself. The results are, as Hawk would say, not good.

Aside from sounding absolutely lost without somebody else to talk too, DJ has the worst HR call known to man. He sounds like a 3 year old who's just learned how to flush the toilet and is infatuated with talking to his excrement. Don't believe me?... Give it a listen. Thanks to Santo=Dorf for the link.