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Sox @ Cubs -- 5/20/05

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LF Podsednik 2B Hairston 2B Iguchi LF Hollandsworth CF Rowand 1B Lee 1B Konerko RF Burnitz C Pierzynski 3B Ramirez RF Dye CF Patterson 3B Crede SS Perez SS Uribe C Blanco P Garcia P Maddux

Greg Maddux is on the bump for the Northsiders, and Freddy Garcia is pitching for the Sox. We'll see if we get "Freddy Daytime", or if he's struggling to throw fastballs above 90.

Pre-Game Reading
  • I have another Cubs-Sox Preview up over at CubTown.

  • From the Daily Southtown
    "You love hitting him more than anything because of his antics," Aaron Rowand said of Zambrano. "When you strike someone out and do your little dance on the mound every time, staring into the opposing dugout, stuff like that doesn't help. You can be excited all you want, but at the same time you've got to realize the opposing team is going to take great joy in handing it to you if they do."

    Rowand was one of several Sox players who said Zambrano's antics not only crossed the line, but felt Zambrano seemed to take pleasure in going the extra mile against the Sox last year.

    "There's only a handful of guys who act like that in baseball, and obviously he's one of them," Rowand said. "I think he takes exception to the fact that we're the other Chicago team, because I don't see him doing that stuff to the extreme he does to us when I see their games on TV.

    "Us as a whole would like to go out and get him as much as we would anyone else, just because of those types of things."

  • From John Kass, Hey, Cubs fans! Win a chance to see real baseball

  • From the Trib:
    "Everyone who says it's another series is lying to you," said Sox first baseman Paul Konerko, who has six years of intracity series experience. "It's a huge series. It always is, and I hope we go to the playoffs and that will be the biggest thing.

    "Other than that, these two series against the Cubs are huge. Win or lose, good or bad, they're always big series. You get up for them. Both teams come out better because your level of play gets heightened. It's like a playoff."

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  • Daily Herald: Players Praise Guillen

  • CNN/SI: White Sox boast best alternative nickname in sports