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Breaking News? McCarthy to the Show?

Bruce Levine just reported there were rumors that Brandon McCarthy would be called up to make the start on Sunday in place on Jose Contreras. But, Contreras is scheduled to go tomorrow.

After seeing the start that El Duque had last time out, I'd have to believe that Levine just misspoke and meant the ancient one.

McCarthy was scheduled to start tonight in Ottawa, but Arnie Munoz got the nod. Thomas is 0-1, so far, as the Knights trail 2-1. Anderson 1-1 with a double.

I would expect Kevin Walker to be DFA'd to make room for McCarthy on the 40-man. Let's hope the wind is blowing in on Sunday, McCarthy's gonna need it.

Update [2005-5-20 19:40:9 by The Cheat]: The Sox 40-man currently sits at 39 men, so they would only need to clear a roster spot on the 25-man squad. I would assume that Duque is the victim, headed to the DL. However, if it's just the flu or something, Cotts would likely get sent down since he has options left, and Walker doesn't. Also, Frank is now 0-2.

Update [2005-5-20 20:6:9 by The Cheat]: Comfirmation? Thomas 0-3

Update [2005-5-20 20:26:32 by The Cheat]: Per Bruce Levine on ESPN 1000, McCarthy will be in Chicago tomorrow. El Duque is having "physical problems." He didn't think Duque would miss more than 2 starts, and it's not clear right now whether he would even miss Sunday's game. McCarthy has not been activated. The Sox are playing this one by ear.

Update [2005-5-21 1:25:0 by The Cheat]: Official confirmation -- You know who had this news 2 and half hours before the big boys though -- RAWK

Update [2005-5-21 1:52:8 by The Cheat]: He might be starting tomorrow, with Contreras pushed back to Sunday. At this point who knows.