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Round 1: Good Guys

First things first, I just got back from the bars, so excuse my spelling. I may not have time to get a gamethread up before the game starts tomorrow, so use this topic for all of your in game chatter... onto the bullet points...

LF Podsednik 2B Hairston 2B Harris SS Perez CF Rowand 1B Lee 1B Konerko RF Burnitz C Pierzynski 3B Ramirez RF Everett CF Patterson SS Uribe LF Dubois 3B Crede C Blanco P Contreras P Zambrano
I don't like the lineup. Removing Iggy and Dye is taking out two of your hottest hitters. You get a couple more lefties in the line-up, but at what cost?
  • Freddy Garcia, was once again, the guy who we gave up 3 solid players for. He was throwing strikes, especially with his fastball early in the count. Last outing, I was worried that he might be experiencing a dead arm, but he proved that wrong, routinely hitting 91-93 on the gun.

  • A.J. Pierzynski is good. Before the season, I said that he was the best signing, by any team in baseball, of the off-season. He's starting to prove me right. Now if David Eckstein would just stop hitting like ARod, he would be.

    I briefly caught two different interviews with AJ in the smoke filled bar tonight. In the first, his eyes looked really funny, but I couldn't figure out what it was. Then I saw the second interview. AJ was covering up his baby blues with some colored contacts. AJ's eyes looked like pumpkins in the first interview.

  • In a post-game feature, Gail Fisher of Comcast Sports Net, said that the "Cubs lone bright spot on the afternoon was Joe Borowski." Gail, if that was the bright spot, can he pitch 3 innings tomorrow?

    That was the most unimpressive 1-2-3 inning I think I have ever seen. He topped out at 89, and and only threw one other pitch above 85. The rest of his pitches were rolling up there like beach balls. I hope we see that guy two more times. He's going to get lit up.

    Speaking of lit up, he was absolutely dazed in his post-game interview. He looked and sounded like he had been smoking the grass in the bullpen. Maybe he was wearing messed up contacts too. Maybe not.

  • Finally, here's a woman who's already captured my heart. Not only is she a Sox fan, but she shares my hatred for a certain Chicago "columnist." See he entry entitled F*ck J*y M*ri*tti. I'll even forgive the superfluous pet costumes. Maybe if enough of you guys visit her, and ask very nicely, she might stop by and join us here.