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3 Up, 3 Down

3 Up

  1. A.J. Pierzynski -- .412/.474/1.118 since last week, with 4 HR and 10 RBI's. He's White Hot.

  2. Jermaine Dye -- Hitting .444/.500/1.000 over the last seven, all but two of his hits have gone for extra bases. Even during the past week Dye has suffered from some bad luck. He's hitting the ball hard, and his luck is starting to change.

  3. Mark Buehrle -- 7.1 IP, 0ER.

3 Down

  1. Juan Uribe -- He's hitting a robust .143/.182/.190 for the last seven days, according to ESPN, which I don't believe includes his 0-for-Saturday. At least he brings his glove to the park every day, and is one of the most underrated defensive shortstops in baseball. He'll need to hit like he is now for a full season to ever be recognized for his defensive excellence.

  2. Joe Crede -- Hitting just .111/.158/.278 over the last seven. He did hit a huge HR in a gale force wind Friday, but that's been about all he's done.

  3. Orlando Hernandez -- Just 2.2IP in his last start, while allowing 7 hits and 4 walks. He now finds himself on the DL.