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Sox @ Angels -- 5/25/05

LF Ozuna LF Figgins 2B Iguchi 1B Erstad CF Rowand RF DaVanon 1B Konerko DH Anderson DH Everett CF Finley RF Dye 3B McPherson 3B Crede C Monlina, J C Widger SS Cabrera SS Uribe 2B Kennedy

Freddy Garcia takes the hill for the Sox tonight, as Anaheim counters with Jarrod Washburn. Washburn is still riding his 2002 season, though he has pitched rather well this year. He's a poor man's Mark Buehrle. And by poor man's, I was refering to his production not his salary, which is considerably more than Buehrle's. 68 hits in 54 IP is not the sign of a good pitcher.

Guessing the line-up again... A.J. Pierzynski will probably get the day off. He's caught at least 5 games in a row, and there's a lefty on the mound. Which also means we shouldn't see Timo Perez or Willie Harris. Though, Pablo Ozuna wouldn't be a bad option for the left side of the infield once again.

  • I thought this was an interesting tidbit from the Daily Herald.
    When Frank Thomas was traveling with the White Sox before heading to Class AAA Charlotte on a rehabilitation assignment, he talked to Juan Uribe on a daily basis.

    Enamored with Uribe's raw offensive skills, Thomas kept hammering the same message to the Sox' starting shortstop. To summarize, he reminded Uribe to stay under control at the plate.

    "I stayed on him, and I think he liked it," Thomas said in late April.

    Now that Thomas is away from the White Sox, Uribe has become a wild swinger again. Heading into Tuesday night's game against the Angels, the 26-year-old infielder was hitless in his last 14 at-bats and mired in a 3-for-35 slump.

    Uribe continues to do extra work with hitting coach Greg Walker as he tries to get back in a groove.

    "I don't know what happened," said Uribe, the No. 9 hitter. "I'm reaching maybe too much. I'm working on staying back and seeing the ball. Sometimes you struggle and sometimes you're hot."

    Uribe's hottest stretch of games did coincide with Frank traveling with the team, so maybe there actually is something to this. Get back soon Frank.

  • You probably read that there was an incedent outside of Wrigley last weekend. I suppose we should celebrate that there wasn't any shootings this year. Three brother and police officer were injured after they started a fight with the officer for wearing a Boston Red Sox jersey. As if that wasn't bad enough...
    When they appeared before Cook County Judge Raymond Myles, Thomas Novak wore a White Sox jersey, Ryan Novak was in a Cubs T-shirt and Chad Novak wore a White Sox T-shirt. Thomas Novak also had bruises around his eyes.
    These idiots showed up to court sporting thier favoite teams apparel. Attacking a police officer for wearing an opposing team's jersey, then showing up to court in your favortie team's apparel is like being charged with a hate crime then showing up in a white hooded cap. This family is obviously swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool.