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Sox @ Angels -- 5/26/05

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LF Podsednik LF Figgins 2B Iguchi 1B Erstad CF Rowand CF Finley 1B Konerko DH Anderson C Pierzynski RF DaVanon DH Everett C Molina, B RF Dye 3B McPherson 3B Crede SS Cabrera SS Ozuna 2B Kennedy
  • Jose Contreras (2-1, 3.23 ERA) vs. John Lackey (4-2, 4.05 ERA)
  • Guessing the lineup: I think Pablo Ozuna will get his second straigt start, this time at SS. Though, Juan Uribe finally got a hit yesterday, and I've been saying Pablo would be in the infield for a week now. The rest of the lineup should be back to "normal."
  • Former White Sox shortstop Chico Carrasquel died yesterday. The White Sox have a history of good venezuelan shortstops. After Chico there was Luis Aparicio and current manager, Ozzie Guillen. The Sox are planning a small ceremony honoring Chico that will immediately precede Monday's game at USCF against the Angels.

Update [2005-5-26 20:41:17 by The Cheat]: Scott Miller has a long piece on the White Sox at CBS Sportsline.