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I don't know if it was the combination of DJ and Don Pall or just a boring game, but I had lost almost all interest about 30 seconds after Chris Widger's HR.

  • Juan Uribe finally got a hit, snapping an 0-18 skid.
  • Freddy Garcia looked very good again. His fastball was between 90 and 94, and his breaking stuff was sharp and down in the zone.
  • Early game threads seem to make the offense show up on time, but maybe I was a little early yesterday. They thought the game ended early. I'll shoot for around 4PM tomorrow.
  • Smallball? -- The sox only have 1 run in the last 4 games that didn't come via the HR.
  • Ozzie used his bullpen magic again. He called on Damaso Marte for two batters in the ninth before bringing in Dustin Hermanson to close it out. Hermanson made it scary, as Benji Molina and Curtis Pride drove balls deep for long, scary outs.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usI feel like I owe you something more than this pitiful entry. Here's a visual representation of my bike ride today. (click image to enlarge) I'll make it up to you tomorrow.