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Sox @ Rangers -- 5/27/05

Scott Podsednik, LF David Dellucci, DH Juan Uribe, SS Michael Young, SS Carl Everett, DH Mark Teixeira, 1B Paul Konerko, 1B Hank Blalock, 3B A.J. Pierzynski, C Alfonso Soriano, 2B Jermaine Dye, RF Kevin Mench, LF Aaron Rowand, CF Laynce Nix, CF Willie Harris, 2B Richard Hidalgo, RF Pablo Ozuna, 3B Rod Barajas, C

Brandon McCarthy makes his second major league start. He faced Texas twice in spring training, turning in one dominating performance, and getting shelled in the other. Chris Young, no not that Chris Young, is on the bump for the Rangers. McCarthy is 6'7", Young is 6'10"; They might be one of the tallest combos of starting pithcers ever.

Texas leads the majors in HRs. We know that's the one weakness in McCarthy's game; it could be a long night. Texas also leads the AL in fewest HRs allowed. The Sox are second. Something's got to give.

Random Note of the day
On May 27th of last year, Aaron Rowand was batting .264/.308/.482. This May 27th? -- .262/.323/.387. His power is down a little bit, but it's not like he was crushing the ball at this point last season. He had 4 HR's and 12 doubles, compared to 3 HRs and 10 doubles this year.

Question of the day
How many Sox baserunners make an out between 3rd and home tonight?

Update [2005-5-27 19:3:16 by The Cheat]: Wow, that is a shake up. Uribe is probably this hitter who's struggling the most. Why put him #2? Rowand @ 7th? Whaaa?