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McCarthy optioned to AAA

After pitching 5 innings and allowing 4 HRs to the Texas Rangers, Brandon McCarthy was sent back to AAA Charlotte.

Cheat's Take:

It didn't particularly matter how well McCarthy threw on Friday night, he was headed back to Charlotte anyways. The club wants him to be throwing every 5 days, working on that change up, and avoiding the longball in a less hostile environment. He's better than what he showed on Friday, but he obviously still needs some work.

At this point it's unclear who the Sox are bringing up to take his place. My money is on Ross Gload, who would give Carl Everett some much needed bench time. Gload was bothered by a sore shoulder, and hasn't seen action since April 25th. He's had only 13 major league at-bats this season, and just 19 in AAA, but judging by his HR tonight and his .364 average, he's feeling much better.

The really interesting decision will come later this week. El Duque is going to come off the DL, probably sending Kevin Walker packing, and Frank Thomas may be ready to go sometime on the homestand. That would mean the Sox would have to drop a position player, likely Timo Perez. Woo-hoo.