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Wash out

With the Sox-Rangers game getting rained out today in Arlington, I thought I would take this time to revisit some of the minor leaguers down on the farm.

pre-2005 stats | 2005 stats | Current League | ETA

  • Brian Anderson | AAA Charlotte | International League | ETA: September 2005
    Anderson was the Sox first round draft pick in 2003 out of the University of Arizona. He spent only 50 ABs in rookie ball in his first year of professional baseball, puting up an OPS over 1.000 before being shut down with an injury. Last season he split time between high-A Winston Salem and AA Birmingham. Again he was hampered by a sore wrist, but managed to post a combined OPS of about .850. This season he was promoted to AAA Charlotte, where he is raking the ball (.301/.370/.517).

  • Brandon McCarthy | AAA Charlotte | International League | ETA: Last week
    Not much new to report on Brandon, you all saw him this week. Still needs some seasoning.

  • Jeff Bajenaru | AAA Charlotte | International League | ETA: Now
    Bajenaru first found his way onto the 40-man roster last september. After posting impressive numbers between Birmingham and Charlotte last season, Baj looked shaky during his September call up. With this being his age 27 season, Bajenaru isn't considered much of a prospect, but he should be a valuable bullpen arm. He currently has a sick H/9 rate this season at Charlotte.

  • Felix Diaz | AAA Charlotte | International League | ETA: when needed
    Felix started the season on the DL, but has picked up right where he left off last season. He may turn out to be a AAAA player, but I think he profiles as a valuable swingman. (Think 2004 Ramon Ortiz) Assuming he's healthy, I'd rather see Felix Diaz in the pen than Vizcaino.
lower levels below the Fold -- Big Hurt Update: HR edition
  • Ryan Sweeney | AA Birmingham | Southern League | ETA: 2007
    Last week, I compared Sweeney to Joe Mauer. Since writing that, Sweeney has hit nothing but singles (that's nothing new) and walked only once. He still has an impressive average and OBP, and is young for the league. If his power ever shows up he will be impressive.

  • Chris Young | AA Birmingham | Southern League | ETA: 2007 or later
    Young is an interesting contrast to Sweeney. Young hits for a lot of power, with over 50% of his hits going for extra bases. He doesn't hit for a high average, however, and is prone to striking out. He does have good patience though, so he carries a decent OBP. Young skipped a level this year, and I though his swing would be exploited. Initially he did have some trouble adjusting, but he's rebounded to post an OPS over .800. He may need longer to develop in order to lear how to avoid striking out at such a high rate.

  • Jerry Owens | AA Birmingham | Southern League | ETA: 2007
    Acquired from Washinton before spring training, Ownes completes the Birmingham outfield trio. I had no expectations for Owens entering the season, I would have ranked him about 20th or so among Sox prospects, but he's been impressive in Birmingham, despite skipping high-A. I would rank him in the bottom half top 10 now. He profiles as a speedy lead off man. Owens is Older than Young and Sweeney, and probably has less upside than those two, but he's got value.

  • Josh Fields | AA Birmingham | Southern League | ETA: TBD
    Two words: Joe Borchard. I wasn't a fan of the pick last season, and I'm much less impressed now. Fields supposedly needs work in the field, and obviously needs to make more contact with the bat. Hailed as a power hitter, he's got just 10 extra base hits this year to go along with over 50 strike outs.

  • Casey Rogowski | AA Birmingham | Southern League | ETA: mid 2006
    Casey warranted being put on the Sox 40-man roster last season with an impressive performance at Winston Salem, though he was repeating the league. This season Rogo has set out to prove that was not a fluke. Even though he's a big guy, and a former state high school wrestling champion, he figures to be more Mark Grace than Paul Konerko. He's a mid level prospect, at best, right now. I don't think the Sox see him as a replacement for Paul Konerko after his contract expires following this season.

  • Bobby Jenks | AA Birmingham | Southern League | ETA: 2006
    The Sox picked up Jenks this off-season as a waiver claim from the Anaheim Angels. He has a considerable past, with both surgieries and off-the-field issues, but he appears to have cleaned up his act for now. Jenks has electric stuff, and the Sox could be grooming him as a closer for the future. He's thrown well this year, better than I expected with him coming off of the elbow injury.

  • Sean Tracey | AA Birmingham | Southern League
    I'm not on the Sean Tracey bandwagon just yet. Currently, his numbers reminds me of Neal Cotts. He needs to cut down on his walks. Sadly, right now, he's the second closest starting pitching prospect to the major leagues for the White Sox.

  • Kris Honel | AA Birmingham | Southern League
    Before last season, Baseball America ranked Honel as the second best prospect in the Sox system. A little over a year later, I don't even consider Honel a prospect anymore. He had a lost season last year due to injuries or whatever, and he's picked up right where he left off this season. I wouldn't be surprised to see him out of baseball at this time next season.

Maybe I'll do the lower levels on another off day. I'm headed out.