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Pick to Click

Looks like enough of you actually wanted to see a Pick to Click contest around here, so I guess I should lay out some ground rules.

I'm going to do it differently. I'm going to determine the winner each game by Win Probability Added.

WPA is a measure of clutch. Getting a run scoring single in a tie game is worth more than a 3-run bomb in a blowout. Similarly, performing well at the end of a close game is worth more than doing the same at the beginning of the game.

Because I've decided to use WPA as a scoring system, pitchers are not eligible to win the PTC contest. (Relievers who close out tight games and starting pitchers who go deep into games tend to accumulate more WPA than position players.)

A Pick to Click diary will be posted for each game. This is where you make your entry, by replying in the comments.

Here is today's Pick to Click entry form.