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Pope in White Sox Bradcast Booth

The White Sox TV broadcasts are going to sound a little different over the next week. Hawk is sidelined with a detached retina, which may explain his increased absenses from the booth. "The Pope" Don Pall will fill in for Hawk for at least the next two games. Hawk will also miss the next road trip. Although, it's unclear who will fill in for that portion of the season.

I can only imagine what it's going to sound like. Hawk is the voice of the Sox. I've cringed every time he's taken one of his breaks and left DJ to fend for himself this season. DJ can't do a single-man booth. He's no Vin Scully.

That being said, I'm cautiously optomistic that the Fiesty-Pope tandem will actually be listenable, or at least, I hope so. If not, there's always Rooney & Farmer.