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Ho Hum... Just another Victory

This is beginning to get routine. The Sox win a close game, the kind that good teams find ways to win, and bad ones walk in the winning run, or misplay a routine blooper, or commit a 2-run throwing error in the top of the ninth, you get the point.

I log on to this great forum that I have for venting my frustration, yet have almost no frustration to vent. Am I complaining? Not really. I like winning, but I don't have the heart to point out the team's shortcomings while on a stretch like this. It's time to sit back and enjoy the ride.

So look elsewhere for your bashing of Timo Perez, who played like a little leaguer more interested in counting dandelions and what flavor ice cream to have after the game than a big leaguer on first place team. You'll have to find another place that mockingly mentions that Paul Konerko finally got a hit, albiet just a single. I'm not even going to complain about the playing conditions in the park that was sold for about the price of one Yankee third baseman.

Nope, it's time to relish the string of games that the White Sox have put together.

* * * * *
As I've said before, El Duque is a gamer. There's not much else you can say about the guy. He looked absolutely terrible in the 2nd inning of Friday's game, giving up three runs in the process. An hour plus later, he's still out there battling, watching his offense tie and eventually take the lead.

How good is El Duque? We all know that Johan Santana has been the most domininant pitcher in baseball for about the past year. And we know that he just rattled off a string of 17 straight victories, while posting an ERA of 1.77 during the streak. Well, Jayson Stark brings us this nugget.

...[T]he true measure of Santana's dominance was his standing in his own league. The next-best [over the streak] in the AL was Orlando Hernandez, who was almost a run and a half behind, at 3.12. Unbelievable.
You could win a lot of bar bets with that one. I would have never guessed it.

* * * * *
One last note. Ozzie is outta control.