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White Sox introduce Grinder ticket package

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Want to go to all three Sox/Cubs games at USCF? Don't want to pay some scalper for overpriced tickets? The White Sox introduced a new partial season ticket plan called the Grinder plan.

"It is not too late to get a season ticket plan that includes all of the most popular games," said Brooks Boyer, White Sox vice president of marketing. "This is the first chance to get a full season ticket plan for less than $1,000 per seat and the last chance to purchase tickets for the series against the Cubs at U.S. Cellular Field."
USA Today columnist Bob Nightengale hands out some awards 1/3 of the way through the season. Several White Sox make the list.
Best free-agent signing

Dustin Hermanson, Chicago White Sox: The White Sox pounced on him early, but they weren't sure whether he'd be a starter or setup man. Little did they realize that for $2 million this season they found a godsend for their bullpen, and he is as responsible for anyone for having the best record in baseball. He not only is their new closer but was still perfect headed into Monday, yielding a 0.00 ERA with 11 saves in 19 appearances.


Most valuable manager

Ozzie Guillen, Chicago White Sox: He might talk like Chris Rock in a baseball uniform, but it's working. Nobody gets more out of his players than this man. He has only one regular in his lineup hitting above .300, and yet the White Sox have the finest record in baseball.

Most valuable GM

Kenny Williams, Chicago White Sox: Remember when everyone was ripping the White Sox for trading Carlos Lee and parting company with Magglio Ordonez? Look who's laughing last. He had the guts to be creative, and it's paying dividends. has up a draft preview, but it doesn't really tip the front office's hand. Futuresox should have some stuff up later this week. (Jason is having domain issues, but I'll make sure their stuff finds it's way to the net one way here, one way or another.)