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Sox vs. Snakes -- 6/13/05

Shawn Estes on the hill for the D'Backs, while Orlando Hernandez goes for Sox. Expect a high scoring affair. I think the last time the Sox saw Estes, the score was 8-0 before he escaped the 1st. Henandez has been more El Dookie than El Duque lately.

Things to watch for

  • Frank Thomas at DH
  • Carl Everett playing outfield for the second straight day.
  • No Timo in the line-up.
  • Chris Widger to hit another HR in place of A.J. Pierzynski.
  • Aaron Rowand leading off against a guy he should crush. I'd bat him lower in the order, but you need people on base, and it worked last year.
  • Damaso Marte. If he pitches well tonight, he's probably healthy. If he doesn't pitch, or pitches poorly. Expect him to end up on the DL. If there's no Marte, Neal Cotts will get another lefty match-up at some point on the night. They'll need to bring someone up who can be tough on lefties. Pualino Reynoso maybe?
Update [2005-6-13 17:42:5 by The Cheat]: I've got the rotation screwed up... Jose Contreras is the Sox pitcher tonight.