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Was there a game tonight?

Somebody should have let the Sox know.

Nights like these are infuriating. You know that the Sox took one look at the scouting report for Shawn Estes, and thought they could just throw their uniforms out there and win the game. I said in the game thread that "I had a bad feeling" about this game. The last time I had a feeling like that was the Ervin Santana game. It seems like we just assume the runs will score themselves when you put a guy with an ERA north of 5 out there. I gave credit to Ervin Santana on that night, because at least he has nasty stuff. Estes, does not. He's one step above a T-ball stand.

Frank Thomas showed up, for a little while at least. He was lifted in the sixth inning, after lining a single down the right field line. DJ said it was just a cramp, but I suspect we won't see him in the line-up tomorrow, even though he has 3 HRs in his last 8 ABs.

With the exception of Jose Contreras, I don't think there's anyone in the White Sox clubhouse who is going to dwell on this loss. I won't either.

One note about that 2nd inning. Royce Clayton made 2 of the three outs that inning. Remember that? How long would that inning have lasted if Royce wasn't there to spare us?