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Sox vs. Snakes -- 6/14/05

I got a little ahead of myself yesterday, saying El Duque was starting. Today, I'm sure he's starting. Javier vazquez goes to the hill for the Sox. He can be really good, or really bad. We'll see which one we get tonight.

Things to watch for

  • Frank Thomas sitting on the bench.
  • Carl Everett as the DH.
  • Damaso Marte to throw an inning. I know I said that if he didn't throw yesterday to look for him to head to the DL. I wouldn't have thrown him last night either during the blowout. The same applies tonight though; if he's bad, expect a DL trip.
  • El Duque to throw a lot off pitches, and be pulled before the end of the 6th.
  • Yesterdays loss meant that the Sox had just experienced their first 1-game winning streak of the season. They had always strung together multiple victories in a row prior to that.