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Rumor Mongering

From Barry Rozner, Daily Herald:

The Astros apparently think they have their next closer on staff already, and they might be willing to part with the very talented Brad Lidge in the next month or two.


As I noted in one of the diaries, there was an overflow of Houston scouts at a recent Birmingham game. They were playing the D'backs affiliate at the time. I think Morgan Ensberg is more likely to be traded than is Lidge. Either way, they'd be nice to have

Eric Wilbur,

Bill Mueller is a free agent at the end of the season, and likely not to return to Boston with Youkilis waiting in the wings. But by trading Mueller now, Epstein can perhaps get in return an arm for the bullpen, where drastic change is needed. Easier said than done, of course.

Mueller would need to be dealt to a playoff contender in need of a veteran third baseman for the stretch, a team also willing to give up a valuable arm. Chicago and Los Angeles are two AL teams who could use an upgrade at third, with Joe Crede and Dallas McPherson respectively.

There are a few reasons I'd be very wary of making a trade with Boston.
  • It would require a solid bullpen arm
  • They would be our competition for the wild card, should our present winning percentage slip.
  • Mueller is known as a butcher defensively.
  • Theo's been pretty adept at getting good value in all of his trades.
Of course, there's still one reason I would love this trade. .375 career OBP. Crede's career OBP is just .305.

Charlie Walters, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Don't be surprised if the Chicago White Sox sign recently released Giants pitcher Jim Brower within a couple of days. The Atlanta Braves are among a half-dozen teams also interested in signing the former Gopher from Minnetonka.
I don't buy this for one second. This is coming from the same guy who said we were trading A.J Pierzynski this April because he was a clubhouse cancer. This guy has no Chicago sources. He just prints shit about the White Sox because he can.

Update [2005-6-15 16:12:13 by The Cheat]: Jim Brower has signed with the Atlanta Braves.