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Rolled Royce

Comeback Timeline

  • 6:55 -- Pre-game. Feeling confident. Russ Ortiz is terrible. Frank Thomas should love facing this guy.
  • 7:18 -- Thomas strikes out looking at three straight pitches. -- One of them might have been a strike; there's no way all three of them were strikes. Ortiz can hardly control his bladder, let alone where his pitches are going. There's no reason to give him a big zone.
  • 7:34 -- Jermaine Dye homers to put the Sox up 1-0. He did the same thing the night before, and suddenly I have a bad feeling about this game.
  • 7:41 -- Chad Tracy homers on a pitch that Garland leaves out over the plate. I call for some D'Backs to get some chin music. Too many of them have been getting their arms extended too easily.
  • 8:05 -- I realize that the Sox haven't scored a run by any other means but the home run since the 8th inning on Sunday, a span of 24 innings.
  • 8:09 -- Kelly Stinett homers. Kelly Stinnett? Are you kidding me?
  • 8:13 -- Garland starts nibbling. He induces an easy double play ball, but Crede botches it. I'm sure the runners on 2nd and 3rd will score now.
  • 8:14 -- The first runner is in. Konerko bobbles a ball that allows yet another free out.
  • 8:15 -- Tony Clark HRs. Lots of swearing ensues. What was Jermain Dye doing in right? The ball was hit just a few feet beyond the wall, and Jermaine, who's 6'7" doesn't even look like he's reaching for it. I'm done. I'm frustrated. I'm swearing up a storm.
  • 8:18 -- I've calmed down a little. I've spouted off explicatives in multiple online forums, and I feel a little better. Now it's time to will these guys to a victory. Over at Soxtalk, I close the gamethread, and start a new one with better MOJO.
  • 8:27 -- The streak is broken, the Sox score a run without a HR, but they need a Troy Glaus error to do so. The new MOJO must be working.
  • 8:36 -- Encouraged Garland's quick 6th inning, I believe the MOJO is changing, but needs a little more help. -- The first appearance of rally MOJO
  • 8:38 -- Frank Thomas feasts on a Russ Ortiz fastball. The tide is turning.
  • 8:40 -- Ortiz seems rattled, walks Konerko.
  • 8:44 -- Ortiz continues to implode. Sox string some hits together, trail 6-4.
  • 8:46 -- Royce Clayton helps the Sox more than he ever did when he was wearing their uniform, committing one error, but botching two separate plays. Sox tie it up 6-6. Thanks Royce.
  • 8:51 -- Juan Uribe, who I told you was about to go on a hot streak, homers to put the Sox up 9-6. I officially believe in the power of the rally MOJO.
  • 9:04 -- Ortiz is gone, and we finally get to see the D-backs pen. Konerko does yard work off of Claudio Vargas. 12-6 Sox. Rally MOJO© officially needs to be copyrighted.