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Lots of news

Game Notes

  • I don't know what was in the water Sunday at USCF, but that was the worst umpiring we've seen since the Oakland series. First it was a crazy varying strike zone. Then a bizarre two bases awarded to Scott Podsednik on a pick off attempt. Finally, it was the blown call at first base on Podsednik's sacrifice bunt. Not a good night for the boys in blue.
  • How clutch has Aaron Rowand been? One night after tying the game with a 2-out single in the bottom of the ninth inning, Rowand comes right back to provide the tying and winning runs on a 1-out single in the bottom of the eighth. He's like Lew Ford minus the shit-eating grin.
  • WTF is "Smartball!?!" How many times did Joe Morgan unnecessarily mention it? He was falling all over himself trying to praise the Sox in the same way that he would have been bashing Oakland. And people say that Hawk is a bad announcer.
  • I was really glad to see A.J. Pierzynski behind the plate tonight. There's no doubt in my mind that Jose Contreras throws differently to him that to any other catcher. AJ won't put up with his incessant need to throw splitters in the dirt. He'll just keep putting one finger down until Jose finally caves in.
  • Was that Scott Podsednik or Stevie Wonder out there in left field on Jeff Kent's 'hit?'
  • Cliff Politte pitched all of last season without earning a victory in a White Sox uniform. Since Frank Thomas' return on May 30th, Cliff has gone 5-0 to become the White Sox resident vulture.
  • I was disappointed to not see Neal Cotts in action this series. Ozzie Guillen had been doing a nice job of getting him regular work, but the starters went deep into all three victories over the Dodgers, and there just wasn't any work for him. Hopefully he threw a side session or two and stayed sharp because we're going to need him. (more on that later)
Down on the Farm
  • Brandon McCarthy will be pitching for the White Sox again this week. He's being recalled to take El Duque's spot in the rotation, though at this point I'm not too sure when he'll pitch. Most reports say that he'll get the nod tomorrow against the Royals, but I would hold off on him for a day. That would allow the Sox to throw Jon Garland on regular rest, and let Brandon avoid seeing the Cubs for the second time this season. Either way, he'll make his third career major league start against the Royals.

    Bad News: McCarthy has been struggling in AAA.
    Good News: The Royals are a bad AAA team. Though they have run off a string of victories some how. Something about Buddy Bell and a deal with the devil, I suppose.

  • The Sox made a bevy of moves on the minor league level. Most notably, promoting Bobby Jenks to AAA Charlotte.

    Jenks has the stuff to succeed at the major leagues right now, but he's always had off-the-field issues. Supposedly, he's really cleaned himself up. The promotion to AAA is very telling.

    I'll say this for sure, Jenks is higher on the White Sox depth chart than is Jeff Bajenaru, who is continuing to destroy the international league to the tune of a sub-1.00 ERA. Bajenaru doesn't feature electric stuff, but he clearly does something right that should translate to success in a middle relief role at the major league level.