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Sox vs. Cubs -- Garland vs. Prior

I didn't catch all of yesterday's game, and from the sounds of it, I didn't miss much. Here's all I have to say about yesterday. IT WAS NOT ONE BAD PITCH! Sure, A.J. Pierzynski and the Daily Herald say it was, but how do 3 straight outmakers make it first in front of Ramirez? Because Jose is afraid of crowds, and he thought he was playing the Red Sox.

In the third inning, Maddux found his change-up, and it was all over. Not that it wasn't over 5 batters into the game because the Count refuses to throw strikes. The play of the game wasn't actually Ramirez' slam, it was Hollandsworth robbing Crede of a game tying HR. I have no doubt that the Cubs would have folded like a cheap tent had that one found the outfield seats. But it didn't, and the Sox were the team that mailed it in the rest of the way.

* * * * *

The Sox look to take the series today, sending 12-game winner, and former Cubs #1 draft pick, Jon Garland to the mound. The Cubs counter with their injury prone ace, Mark Prior. Garland absolutely breezed through his last outing, but gave up too many fly balls. I would have liked to have seen ground balls. Prior is making his first start since coming off the DL from a small fracturing in his elbow. I doubt Prior throws more than 4 innings. Expect Jerome Williams to piggy back him, assuming he wasn't sent down. Hopefully Joe Borowski makes an appearence today.