Ted Lilly -- Yes, No?

Apparently, Ted Lilly seems to be on Kenny's summer wishlist, as I've heard/seen reports from the Score AM 670, the Chicago Tribune, and the Toronto Star saying that the Sox are sending scouts to watch Lilly.

Over at Soxtalk, there's a big thread talking about it, and for the right price, I'm for getting him.  He's not a guy who would, if the Sox got him, make the Twins say, "We've got no chance now."  But he's still a decent pitcher.

What I like about him -- career ERA+ of 101, so just barely above average, yet over the past three years, ERA+ of 120, 98, and 120.  So, I think he's probably somewhere around 110, at least for a three-four years (he's only 29 years old).  He also strikes out guys at a good pace, 7.71/9 IP over his career, though this year it's closer to seven.

I'm concerned a little bit about his performance this year -- ERA over 6.00, but it's only 15 starts, so I'm not gonna take a whole lot from that.  He's still striking out over 7/9 IP, and his walk rate is up a little bit from his career averages, too.  He's pitching a little better in June, too -- 4.20 ERA in 30 IP, which is right around the number (ERA) that I'd expect from him if we got him.  

I don't know how much stock to put into this, but he's also been a slow starter throughout his career, as post-All-Star break (past three seasons), he has a 3.78 ERA compared to a 4.29 pre-ASB.  Like I said, though, I don't know what to take from that, as it's less than 200 IP (188 1/3).

I sure posted a lot for a player that would just be a swingman type, huh?  Anyways...

On a final note -- and this has no bearing on my feelings about the trade, I love Lilly's curveball.  I can't think of any other lefty (current) who makes his curverball move more other than Zito.  I've always liked watching Lilly, and if the price isn't huge, I'd grab him...

...but Chris Young must stay a White Sock.  We'll need someone to hit the ball out of the yard with Ryan "Single" Sweeney barely posting a SLG% above .300.   : D

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