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Phoning it in.....

I really don't want to write recap for this weekend. So I'll put as much effort into it as our hitters did.

  • Jon Garland pitched well, and unlike Contreras yesterday, it really was only one pitch that cost him. Talk about a mistake. Korey Patterson is an open book, and lets just say that low and inside doesn't produce the same result as high and hard.
  • The Sox have been shut out twice this season. Jon Garland was the losing pitcher in both games. That's right, 67% of his losses have come in games that are impossible to win. Both of those starts Garland worked into the 8th inning and allowed 3 or less runs.
  • How about that small ball? The last run that didn't come on a HR was over 55 hours ago, and counting.
  • WTF!?!? Willie Harris, the first batter Jerome Williams faced after Mark Prior disappeared, coaxes a 5 pitch walk. What do the next two hitters do? Mind you that despite what Hawk and DJ say, these are the two most patient hitters on the Sox. First pitch pop-ups!!!! WHY?!?! It's Jerome F'n Williams!
  • The Sox had one hit on Sunday. Is anyone surprised that they didn't feel the need to take batting practice on Sunday? Do you think there might be a correlation there?
  • Here's something from the Hardball Times that vaguely has to do with the Sox. It seems that every person who has a calculator is out to prove that the Sox offense sucks. They don't seem to understand that 'smartball' is a marketing ploy. Announcers: Stop talking about 'smartball.' Columninsts: Stop writing about 'smartball.' Bloggers: Stop trying to prove that 'smartball' doesn't work. The world will be a happier place. Well, maybe not the world, but I'll feel a lot better.
  • You think losing two out of three to the Cubs is bad? It could be worse. You could be a Twins fan, and talking about losing two out of three to the Brewers with the reigning Cy Young winner looking like Jon Garland v.2004.
  • I just decided, I want Chavez. Sell the Farm. Get him now.