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Lost post

I just lost quite possibly the longest entry I've ever written for this thing. I rarely save because my computer never crashes, and neither does Firefox, so I have nothing to worry about right? Wrong... I'll try to get to some of this stuff at a later date, but here's the gist of what I posted.

  • El Duque was wild. He really needs better control to be effective

  • Cotts looked awesome in his 2IP on Friday. He needs consitent work to keep his control and remain effective.

  • I watched Brandon McCarthy's outing on Friday online. This is what the bulk of my post was about. I examined his mechanics, and compared, or rather contrasted him to Jon Garland. He needs to keep the ball down in the zone, and I think his mechanics may be preventing him from doing that consistently.

  • Garland's stuff really isn't that different than in years past, he's just learned how to pitch.

  • Big Frank getting a hit. Woo-Hoo

  • DJ thought Marte's location was poor on that 0-2 pitch to Pronk. I thought it was exactly the right location. After sweeping breaking balls grabbed strikes, going up the ladder with a fastball was exactly what I would have done as a pitcher. Pronk is just a good hitter.

  • Aaron Rowand is really looking good at the plate. I still don't expect him to match last year's production, but his current line is about exactly what I would expect.

  • Mark Buehrle looks for the sweep tomorrow against CC Sabathia. We've hit lefties very well this year. Frank better get his first back to back start of the year.