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White Sox weekend roundup

Lots of news from this weekend. It was a beautiful here in the Chicago area, probably the nicest weekend of the year. I'm sporting the healthy glow of a sunburn tonight because of it.

  • How great was it to see Frank tie it up in the Tenth?

  • My first thought when Marte gave up the home run to Travis Hafner was "I wonder what DJ had to say about that pitch location." I was at the game, so I didn't get to hear it live, but through the wonders of technology, I can report that DJ had nothing to say about the belt high fastball on the inner half. I can't defend Marte for that pitch. I think he and Ozzie have learned that Pronk is just sitting on Marte's fastball.

  • I guess it really was Eddie Murray's fault. He was fired following Saturday's game. Aaron Boone, who was batting just .160/.211/.259 entering Sunday's game, had his first three hit game of the season, raising his batting average 14 points. Amazingly Boone's .174 average is the high water mark for him so far this season... And you thought Joe Crede was bad.

  • From
    Gload, Harris and even Timo Perez all have options remaining, meaning the White Sox can send them down without having to put them through waivers. But the organization always has been high on Perez's versatility and veteran presence, while Gload would serve as a valuable left-handed presence off the bench and reserve at first base.
    There are a few keys statements in there. First of all, we learn that all three of Ross Gload, Timo, and Willie Harris have options. That's great because it means when the Sox do make the wrong decision, they won't lose Ross or Willie completely. The other part of that quote is most telling. "Veteran presence" is code for washed up ball player. It's the reasoning you turn to when you don't have actual talent or production on your side. I also thought calling Timo versatile was funny.

  • From the Daily Southtown:
    ..A source told the Daily Southtown the Sox will be looking to trade either Thomas or Everett before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline, and Guillen confirmed the possibility.
    I will say this about that statement. There are two very unhappy left-handed sluggers in Cincinnati. One has a huge contract, and isn't coming here. The other, wants nothing to do with Cinci anymore, and can fill in at 1B if Paul Konerko is not resigned this off season. One other good fit is a certain player in Tampa Bay, who can play OF, 1B, or even a little 3B. Tampa is looking to get out from under his large contract($7.5M in 2006).

  • Now, after I've gotten your hopes up with those two scenarios, I've got to take it down a notch with this nugget from the Sun Times:
    There's no reason to expect the White Sox to make significant roster changes or a trade in the coming days. Even though there seems to be a logjam at designated hitter with Frank Thomas and Carl Everett, manager Ozzie Guillen said Saturday he has no desire to carry fewer than the current 11 pitchers or find another position player.
    The way I read this, however, is that nothing is likely to happen this week.....


    But, I think there is something in the works for the long term. One of Anderson and Brandon McCarthy will not be in this organization come August 1st.

  • The draft is coming up on Tuesday, and reports are that the Sox are looking to take a catcher in the first round. That means Jeff Clement specifically, should he fall to the #15 spot. It really sucks that the Sox board rated Donny Lucy over Kurt Suzuki last season. Suzuki is going to be a good one.

    Two other local pitchers are on the Sox Radar at #15 this year, Cesar Carrillo from Miami and Brian Bogusevic of Tulane.