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Sox @ Rox -- 6/07/05

I didn't want to make an entry that pushed down the draft stuff last night. So here's your game recap from yesterday.

1st Inning
Ah, crap Freddy, Why'd you have to go and cough up the lead? I know we're in Coors field, but com'on. How about 1 run per inning to give us a shot?

2nd - 8th Innings
Yeah, Freddy!

9th Inning
Oh, No! Shingo! Ah, even he can't blow this lead.

Byung-Hyun Kim is on the mound for the Rox. This would be like trotting out Shingo for 5 innings. Jose Contreras goes for the Sox. Hopefully, he establishes the fastball. His splitter should still work to.

S. Podsednik LF D. Relaford SS W. Harris 2B L. Gonzalez 2B A. Rowand CF T. Helton 1B P. Konerko 1B P. Wilson CF J. Dye RF B. Hawpe RF A. Pierzynski C M. Holliday LF J. Uribe SS G. Atkins 3B J. Crede 3B D. Ardoin C J. Contreras P B. Kim P