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Jose Contreras pushes White Sox 20 games over

Lots of things to get to. First, let's do a little draft recap.

13 pitchers, 4 position players
8 four-year College players, 6 JUCO players, 3 High Schoolers
1 - Football quarterback
  1. Lance Broadway - RHP - Texas Christian University
  2. (Pick sent to Yankees, compensation for El Duque)
  3. Richard Brooks - RHP - East Carolina University
  4. Christopher Getz - 2B/SS - University of Michigan
  5. Ryan Rote - RHP - Vanderbilt
  6. Aaron Cunningham - OF - Everett Community College
  7. Daniel Cortez - RHP - Gary High School (Ca)
  8. Clayton Richard - LHP - University of Michigan
  9. Joseph Winn - RHP - Delgado College (JUCO)
  10. Israel Chirino - LHP - University of Miami
  11. Jason Rice - RHP - Chaffey College
  12. Sheldon Catchot - LHP - Delgado College
  13. Yudelmis Hernandez - 1B - G Holmes Braddock High School
  14. Derek Rodriguez - RHP - UNLV
  15. Vernon Carter - 3B - Sierra Vista High School (Nevada)
  16. Alexander Woodson - LHP - Porterville College
  17. Enrique Garcia - RHP - Potomac State
  18. Timothy Sabo - RHP - Seton Hall University
Cheat's Draft notes
  • Broadway -- Reminds me of Mike Sirotka. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing.
  • Brooks -- Supposedly a reach. Was drafted by the Sox before in 2003. I suspect they've already come to terms
  • Getz -- I like this pick. He seems like a good OBP middle infielder. Also probably has a deal in place.
  • Rote -- Is a stuff guy, though he lacks an true off speed pitch. Profiles to the bullpen.
  • Cunningham -- Huge numbers in CC. Played in a wooden bats league, so no worries about his power translating. He could be a signability concern.
  • Cortez -- Committed to play under Tony Gwynn at SDSU. Definite signability concern.
  • Richard -- Set Indiana state records in football. Got stuck behind Chad Henne on the depth chart. Should be no problem to sign. Like other football QB's, he's probably a project. Supposedly he sports some serious heat though, and that will make you stick around a long time as a lefty.
  • As for the rest of them, I'll just wait until they sign, or let the Futuresox guys do the leg work for me.
Game Notes
  • Last season the Sox could never quite crack the 10 games over .500 mark. I still blame Billy Koch for that game in Oakland where we could have been 20-10. With the victory over the Rox on Tuesday, the Sox become the first team in baseball this season to reach the 20 games over plateau.
  • Neal Cotts was lights out again. He has not allowed a hit in his last 7 IP, while striking out 8. He's converted 3 holds in that same span, and none were easy. He pitched at least 1.2IP in all of them, and the Sox only had 2-run lead in one of them, the other two being 1-run games.
  • In two games at Coors field, White Sox pitching has allowed just 4 runs.
  • The Rockies announcers were very complimentary of Freddy Garcia's start on Monday. They were saying that is was one of the best starts ever at Coors Field. Garcia allowed fewer baserunners than Hideo Nomo did in his no-hitter at Coors. I haven't been able to find confirmation, but the Rox announcers speculated that the 22 in a row Freddy retired was probably a Coors Field record.
  • Jose Contreras wasn't dominant -- In fact, I thought that Bhyun-hyun Kim looked better than he did. -- But he got the job done. Any time you're able to escape the 6th inning in Coors having allowed just one run, you did a fine job.
Link Dump
  • Gload Reinjures Shoulder
    "Ross had a setback and he's just not able to come back and play," Schneider said of Gload, So, we just need to get him calmed down again and try it again."[...]

    Schneider guessed that Gload would be shut down for a couple of weeks, and doubted that he will need surgery at this point. Gload was in the lineup for Charlotte as the designated hitter Monday night, and finished with two hits, including his second home run, and his fifth and sixth RBIs. Over 12 games, he batted .364 for the Knights.

    The White Sox let Timo play last season with a hamstring issue that wasn't revealed until after the season was completed. And now that he's healthy they let him play out of position. Gload hits better than Timo with one shoulder, but they seem to be finding ways to prevent him from cracking the roster. Don't worry Ross, next year the Dodgers will appreciate your services.
  • The White Sox make their foray into the MLBlogs arena with Inside the White Sox. It's written by Scott Reifert, the VP of communication for the White Sox. We'll see if he has any inside info for us in the future. I doubt MLB or the White Sox would like that too much. Anyone wanna bet he never has anything bad to say about Timo?