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Random Notes

Sox Record by Month
April: 17-7
May: 18-10
June: 18-7

Mark Buehrle: Has won every decision since April 10th, when Joe Crede and Johan Santana rained on his parade. Sox are 12-4 in games started by Buehrle.
Jon Garland: He won his first 8 starts, the best start in Sox history. Sox are 12-3 in games started by Garland.
Freddy Garcia: Sox have won his last 8 starts. Sox are 12-4 in games started by Garcia.

Record when scoring 2 runs or less
2004: 1-44
2003: 2-42
2002: 2-42
2002-2004: 5-128 -- .038 Winning Percentage

2005: 7-12 -- .368 Winning Percentage

Monroe, You're on the list
Craig Monroe must be trying to top his quotable teammate Dmitri Young. After the game, He said this,

"This is tough, because we feel like we are the better team," Monroe said. "But being the best team on paper doesn't mean anything. They came in here and did everything they needed to do, and that's hard to accept."
Young is 0-24 against the Sox this season.
Monroe is 6-27, all of the hits are singles.
The Tigers are 1-7 against the Sox.
Keep talkin' boys. That's all you're good at.