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Don't look now

Don't look now, but in just a few hours the White Sox will be taking the field in the House of Horrors. You all know the stats. -- The Sox have only won something like 3 games there in the last 5 years or something like thit. -- Yeah, I should look it up. But honestly, who wants to research something so depressing?

Not only do we have to play in that stadium, but Oakland just happens to be one of the hottest teams in baseball right now. How hot? -- They haven't allowed an opponent to score more than 2 runs in their last 12 games.

That's hot.

In June, they've far an away been the best pitching staff in baseball. They weren't too shabby at scoring runs either.

On top of all of that, what pitcher do we draw tonight but Oakland's ace, Rich Harden. Meanwhile, we send the model of inconsistency that is Jose Contreras.

Go ahead and use this as a gamethread, assuming there's any of you on here on a Friday night after 9 PM.