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First Half Report Card -- Hitters

It's the All-Star break, so unless their is a major trade that goes down unexpectedly, there's not much to write about. That means it's time to trot out everyone's favorite column filler, the report card article.

Paul Konerko -- .249/.349/.479 -- 20 HR 55RBI -- B-
Yes, his average is down. Yes, I would like to see it higher, but he's increased his plate discipline, and as I noted yesterday, is playing the best defense of his career at 1B.

Tadahito Iguchi -- .280/.339/.409 -- 5 HR 33 RBI -- A
A few days ago, I was worried about Iguchi. His average has continued to slip for quite a while now, but after watching Willie Harris this weekend, I've come to the conclusion that the numbers don't tell the whole story for Iguchi. It's amazing how close Iguchi is to matching my prediction for him (.270/.333/.399)

Juan Uribe -- .246/.276/.379 -- 6 HR 38 RBI -- C
Offensively, he's been a disappointment. But he brings his glove to the park everyday. He can flat out pick it at SS, where defense trumps offense most of the time. He also has something like a bajillion Sac Flies, so he's getting the job done in different ways. He can heat up and carry a team at any time. I fully expect him to do that at some point this season.

Joe Crede -- .242/.300/.427 -- 12 HR 37 RBI -- C+
I've come to accept Joe's shortcomings at the plate. I know I shouldn't, but it would be painful to expect anything more than the .250/.300/.425 line he's given us on his career. One thing he has provided this season is Gold Glove quality defense. He won't win the award, but he's proved to be better than incumbent Eric Chavez in the 9 games we've seen him. There's not a single player I'd rather have in the field at 3B.

A.J. Pierzynski -- .250/.301/.421 -- 11 HR 32 RBI -- B-
The average would be a career low. (I feel he's already beginning to breakdown) He has to get credit for handling the pitching staff, specifically Contreras. He hasn't been great, but I have no clue where this team would be without him.

Willie Harris -- .213/.298/.213 -- 0 HR 4 RBI -- D
Willie was very solid in his back up role to start the season. Now, he's chirping for more playing time and failing to even execute the fundamentals. His line is terrible. It's time for Charlotte for Willie

Pablo Ozuna -- .286/.330/.297 -- 0 HR 4 RBI -- C
I have no idea how he gets it done. It's all smoke and mirrors. He just makes things happen. I couldn't really ask for much more in a utility guy. (Can you tell I haven't seen him play much 3B?)

Chris Widger -- .256/.310/.410 -- 2 HR 5 RBI -- B
The Widge came storming out of the gate, driving in key runs and hitting HRs. He's cooled off as of late, but he's a useful back-up. I can't really complain.

Ross Gload -- .154/.154/.154 -- 0 HR 1 RBI -- INC.
He gets an A for his work on the Charlotte Knights. He just hasn't been healthy enough to help the big club. He should get his chance in the second half.

Pedro Lopez -- .286/.286/.286 -- 0 HR 2 RBI -- A+
He was batting just .197 in AAA when he got the call up. He only got 7 ABs, but he made them count, delivering an RBI with each of his hits.

Rest of the grades coming over the All-Star break.