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All-Star Game Thread

Normally, I really wouldn't care too much about the game, but Mark Buehrle is starting for the AL squad. The first batter he has to face just happened to hit 41 freakin' HRs last night in the HR Derby. As if that wasn't bad enough, he also has to face Albert Pujols and Derek Lee back to back. I don't forsee a couple of quick 1-2-3 innings for Buehrle. He's not going to have a pretty line in the box score having to face that line-up.

Jon Garland should pitch an inning at some point in the game as well. Paul Konerko will probably ride the pine for the entire game, and Scott Podsednik will be used late in the game if it's close. Pods would probably run for Konerko should he manage to reach base.