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Deja Vu

The Sox opened the season with a 1-0 victory at home against Cleveland. 3 months later, they opened the second half in a similar manner, a 1-0 victory at Cleveland. On opening day it was Mark Buehrle who turned in a gem to quiet the Tribe's bats. Thursday night it was most unlikely of all the Sox starters, Jose Contreras, doing the honors. Contreras walked just three (I say 'just' because that's a low number for him.) and allowed only 3 hits while pitching 7 innings of shutout baseball.

Back on opening day it was Jhonny Peralta who provided the Sox lone run on a muffed play at short with the infield drawn in. This time it was Frank Thomas who provided the game winning hit... three hours before it ended. One can only hope that the similar victories are an omen of things to come for the White Sox.

  • This year's team can be summed up on one defensive play that we saw last night. In the 6th inning, Pronk drove a deep fly ball to left field. Scott Podsednik almost immediately signaled that he had lost track of it. Without even breaking stride, Aaron Rowand ranged all the way from center field to near the warning track in left field to easily make the play. It's not the type of play you normally see, but it's something the Sox have been doing all seasonl; picking each other up.

  • Podsednik had 3 stolen bases on the night, all off of Kevin Millwood, who's poor at holding men. He never scored. -- I'm just saying.

  • I was very unsure of Ozzie's decision to bring in Damaso Marte, who was just returning from the DL, in a 1-run game. I was even more unsure when he came back out for the 9th to face Pronk. Damaso proved me wrong, striking out all three batters he faced. I guess he's healthy.

  • Excuse me while I throw up.

  • As of this very moment, I don't want to make a major trade. -- I don't think we need the name arm to put us over the top. Or rather, I don't think we need to pay through the nose to get over the top. -- Boston and New York are both going to be on the market for pitching in the next few weeks, and I can't see either one being outbid for 'their guy.' -- Burnett, Schmidt, & Wagner all figure to end up elsewhere.