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Sox vs. Tigers -- Hernandez vs. Douglass

I have to admit, I have no clue who Sean Douglass is. He's pitched off and on in the big leagues for the past 5 years, but I've never even heard of the guy. I have no idea what type of pitcher he is. Your guess is as good as mine, and that probably goes for our hitters too. [Current Sox are batting .400 against hit, but that's only 2-5 as a team.]

Orlando Hernandez makes the start for the Sox. He's making his return after a stint on the DL. Reports from Charlotte indicate that he's actually healthy for the first time this year. (Read: he has some control)

I occasionally like to post about who I would take if I was a betting man. Well, tonight will not be one of those nights. The Sox are -150 favorites, yet they're notoriously terrible against guys they've never seen before, and who knows what to expect from El Duque tonight.

* * * * *

Making way for El Duque on the roster is Shingo Takatsu, who was designated for assignment. What does that mean? -- Those trade rumors turned out to be just that, rumors. The Sox were unable to get anything of value for him in return. By DFA'ing him the Sox have 10 days to complete a trade of Shingo, or lose him as a free agent. Should they actually find a taker for Mr. Zero, don't expect much in return. Of the numerous players DFA'd this season, the most that one brought in return was a proverbial PTBNL.

* * * * *

Ross Gload's rehab assignment ended today. The Sox celebrated this golden opportunity to actually have a back-up first baseman and a useful LH bat off the bench by using Gload's final option to keep in Charlotte. TIMO PEREZ 4 EVAR!!!

* * * * *

Scoop Jackson is breath of fresh air on the otherwise completely disappointing ESPN. His coverage of the NBA is far more palatable than that of Screamin' A. Smith. -- Not that I ingest much NBA coverage at all. -- Scoop, great name by the way, weighs in with a great piece on the Sox amazing season so far.

Roll through the streets on this side of town.

Roll through Bridgeport, Hyde Park, Chatham, Pilsen or Beverly.

Hit Rodney's on 71st, Puffer's or Schaller's on Halsted, Smokey Bones on Ridgeland, the Sweet Water Lounge on 142nd. Talk to Mike Kelley, director of operations of the Jackie Robinson West Little League, or to former Sox prospect Raul Sims, a catcher out of Chicago Vocational High School in the '80s. Talk to Mario Smith, radio host on the legendary WHPK.

Find the Sox's last Joe Torre, Jerry Manuel. Ask him.

The feeling will be the same.

They all know how this side of town works. They know that while fantasy springs eternal up north in Wrigleyville, fatalism runs thangs on the other side of Roosevelt Road.

Ride the Redline to 35th.

"Who's the best team in baseball? The Cardinals or the White Sox?" you'll hear.

Those who answer "Pale Hose" still don't sound like they believe it.

* * * * *

Finally, Deion Sanders' Hot Dog Express