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No More Excuses -- Garland vs. Saarloos

I've had it with the 'we can't win in Oakland' malarky. It's Crap, plain and simple. Any team that thinks this is defeated the moment they step on the field.

Yesterday when Contreras was hopping around with his mysterious leg issue, he looked like a little kid who wanted off the roller coaster. He wanted nothing to do with pitching anymore in that game so he started making up excuses. What a pansy. No reason to keep people like that on the team.

Can you tell I'm still upset? -- I know you are too. Before the game started the early returns on the poll at right had 'starting pitching' at under 10%, in last place. Currently it sits at 30%, in first.

The good news is we've got two guys headed to the mound the next two days who are going to attack hitters and let their fielders do the work. Garland and Buehrle have combined to allow 22% fewer walks than Contreras, while pitching 242% more innings. In other words, they have balls. Contreras does not.

Kirk Saarloos pitches for the Athletics today. -- Think Sergio Mitre. Sinkerballer who's BABIP is off the charts low. -- He's been lucky and is due for some big time regression. He had 3 straight starts where he failed to strike out a single batter before fanning 7 in a complete game effort last time out. That was a week ago.