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I missed the first part of yesterday's game celebrating my birthday in the type of restaurant that doesn't have TVs on the walls. I was home in time to see that the count was pitching well, and it really was just 'one bad pitch' that had hurt him to that point.

During Monday's game, specifically when the Sox got to the Detroit pen, their announcers seemed to think we might be 'stealing signs.' I tend to think that we just teed off on poor pitcher, especially since there was only one AB with a player at second as we were crushing him.

Then last night, with Jose Contreras looking very good despite the 2-run deficit, the wheels came off, and I heard no mention of stolen signs. Count did hang a couple of fork balls, but Detroit was swinging early and hitting him hard swapping 4 straight players at second. Either he was tipping his pitches or Detroit was stealing signs.

It wasn't until Bobby Jenks came on in relief that any mention of stolen signs was made. When Omar Infante was able to make contact on a wicked breaking ball, Darrin Jackson was rightfully questioning, but it was too late.

Bobby Jenks looked great. 95-99 MPH fastball, well located too. 84-85 MPH sharp, falling off the table breaking ball. It's easy to see why he is on the roster.

I fell asleep as soon as Jenks was done for the night, and haven't had time until now (at lunch) to get anything up on the site. I do vaguely remember seeing Neal Cotts come in to pitch, then nodding off, waking up, and thinking to myself 'that was a quick inning.'