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Inside the Sox Draft

Somehow I missed this article. The time stamp says it was posted Monday at 10 in the morning. -- 58 hours ago!?! -- I must be slipping.

Pat O'Connell, the White Sox manager of media relations, writes an article about the behind the scenes action in the the Sox draft room.

There was no television network and no one holding up a team jersey and posing for photographs with the Commissioner. There was no draft-day dealing, no overzealous fans booing their team's selections and no slick TV personalities discussing 40-yard dash times. Most disappointing however, was the absence of fluorescent suits.

I quickly realized that the Major League Baseball draft was going to be nothing like what I have seen before.

Instead of all the pomp and circumstance surrounding other professional drafts, the 2005 Major League Draft for me included an oval table, two laptops, a flat-screen television, two magnetic boards and a bag of Twizzlers and Starburst. What, no Doritos? Welcome to the White Sox draft room.

The Baseball draft is completly different than the other major sports. It's got its own charm to it, like Tommy Lasorda's enthusiastic player selections. A good read.